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The easternmost of the seven large district authorities which make up the modern administrative county of North Yorkshire covers around 315 square miles.

As well as the seaside resort of Scarborough which is its administrative centre, the district covers nearly half the sea coast of Yorkshire, including the northernmost of its heritage coasts.

On a section of the coast and inland is part of the North York Moors National Park.

The wide area of the district, created in 1974, also includes the seaside towns of Whitby and Filey and dozens of villages.

The population of the area is more than 109,000.

Latest local authority changes proposed by the Government propose the scrapping of this district from 2023 and combining it with the other six North Yorkshire districts as a unitary North Yorkshire authority covering more than 3,100 square miles.

Places in the Scarborough district are:
 Aislaby Scarborough district
 East Ayton
 Egton Bridge
 Osgodby Scarborough district
 Robin Hood's Bay
 Runswick Bay
 Scalby Scarborough district

 Seamer Scarborough district
 West Ayton

We continue to add more villages to our A to Y gazetteer and the above may not yet list all places in Scarborough district.
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