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Launched on May 16, 2016, Yorkshire.guide aims to provide an easy to use guide and knowledge base about Yorkshire and will be expanding to bring you all you need to know about Yorkshire coupled with its own growing picture gallery and detailed mapping system.

Yorkshire's so good there are many Yorkshire guides and websites with Yorkshire in their address, so please don't confuse us with others. There is only one Yorkshire.(< dot)guide

We aim to provide visitors to Yorkshire and residents of all of the historic county of Yorkshire with a top-class, honest and impartial information guide extending way beyond the domain of tourism.

We are an independent publication. We receive no public funding, we have no fat-cat expense account, we currently resist the website clutter of paid-for advertising and run off good old-fashioned Yorkshire effort and goodwill to help support our fantastic region.

We hope we will be able to count on the continued support of everyone across Yorkshire in the future.

We've made a few changes

Yorkshire.guide is now part of dotguide.co.uk

We're now providing a faster guide across the UK from website-serving computers in the UK rather than in Europe.

We're still created in Yorkshire and you'll still be able to access the website simply by typing Yorkshire.guide into your browser address bar or, better still, you could just bookmark this. As you navigate the site, however, you may now see dotguide.co.uk/yorkshire/ in the address bar, but this is nothing to be concerned about as we are now part of dotguide.co.uk

Our changes mean that you will soon see even more improvements to Yorkshire.guide, including better operation of our own Yorkshire.guide map of Yorkshire.

We remain dedicated to your privacy. We believe cookies are made in Yorkshire biscuit factories for dunking in Yorkshire tea! We have a No cookies policy when it comes to website cookies used by others for tracking your activities, giving personal preferences or serving you with personalised advertising.

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Email webmaster@yorkshire.guide about technical aspects of the site.

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