New Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire and York November 26, 2021

The Conservative candidate, Zoë Estelle Appleton-Metcalfe has been elected as the new Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for the North Yorkshire police and fire area, also including the City of  York.

It follows Thursday's by-election prompted by the resignation on October 14 of Philip Allott, also a Conservative candidate, who had been elected in May.

Once run by separate Fire and Police authorities formed from representative elected councillors, the oversight of fire and police services in North Yorkshire and the City of  York has lately seen all the responsibility pass to just one directly-elected USA-style commissioner as a result of changes brought about by national Government.

So after the stepping-down of an elected commissioner there is now the cost of holding another polling day.

After the second count under the supplementary vote system, the new commissioner had 41,760 votes and second-placed Labour candidate Emma Nicole Scott-Spivey 26,895 votes.

The three candidates eliminated in the first round were Hannah Barham-Brown (Women's Equality Party), James Barker (Liberal Democrat) and Keith Graham Tordoff (Independent).

The new commissioner is expected to oversee the budgets and spending priorities of both the North Yorkshire Police and the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, each of which cover an area of more than 3,200 square miles.

In the May election the average turnout of voters across the area was just over 25%. In this by-election it was under 14%.

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