Next step for airport link February 27, 2020

An outline business plan to connect the East Coast Main Line railway to Doncaster Sheffield (Robin Hood) Airport was submitted to the government on Thursday February 27.

The airport is already sandwiched between the East Coast Main Line and the line from Doncaster to Lincoln, so a new rail link involving just 4.5 miles of new track would cost only a tiny fraction of the amount being spent on expanding travel connections to London airports.

In addition to making the airport more connected to the South Yorkshire towns and city it serves, the link would allow passengers to reach York in under 30 minutes and London in just 90 minutes. That is just 9 minutes longer than the slowest of the X6 buses linking the Airport to Sheffield, some 25 miles away by road, in between 63 and 81 minutes.

The airport believes that for a Government investment of £300m the link would deliver a massive return in creating jobs, reducing car journeys, improving connectivity to an expanding airport and reducing congestion on the East Coast Main Line.

The plans were first revealed to the public back in March 2018 - Doncaster Sheffield Airport Plans.

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