Clean Air Zone introduced in Bradford September 26, 2022

The Bradford Clean Air Zone previously had a revised date of introduction in Spring 2022.After much delay in its introduction, the Bradford Clean Air Zone has been started by Bradford Metropolitan District Council at the beginning of Monday September 26.

It affects road users not just around and within the Bradford ring road but along a corridor stretching to and including Shipley and Saltaire. If you're taking any main road into or around Bradford, you're likely to be caught in the Clean Air Zone somewhere.

Drivers unfamiliar with the area may find it useful to have a passenger to do their web surfing for them in order to find out how encountering a Clean Air Zone sign will affect them, but if you've a heavy goods vehicle or a bus (except school bus) or coach which does not meet minimum standards you could face a hefty £50 daily charge. Minibuses and light goods vehicles not meeting the standards, or one of the various exceptions, face a £9 charge. For taxis and private hire vehicles the charge will be £7.

Private car owners should not need to worry about Clean Air as it does not affect them.

While we do not suggest you check this page while driving, further details are at this  Check if you need to pay page.

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