Privacy policy

The emphasis of is on places rather than people and we strive to keep any collection and use of personal data to an absolute minimum.

There are, however, people we need to be in touch with and use of some personal data is therefore unavoidable. We detail those instances here.

How we source personal data

We aim to keep any personal data we collect to a minimum and therefore:
■ We do not use cookies to collect information or personal preferences from your device.
■ We do not use any covert means to collect personal data from you.
■ We clearly indicate when we are asking for personal data from you with your consent in any website form before you click a button to submit that data.
■ You may choose to write to us, which will usually be by email.

Personal data we collect

■ We may receive an email from you, which may be sent from your own email application or through a website form which indicates it will be submitted by email.
■ We may receive your name and email address when you complete a form on the website in which you may consent to being a contact for more information about an event or venue.
■ We may receive your name and amount paid if you have chosen to make a donation or payment.
(In this instance, a banking organisation may collect further details for card authorisation, including an address. This will be on its secure website under its own privacy policy and we do not receive that information).

Personal data we hold and how long we keep it

We hold personal data only when you have shown that you wish to continue contact with us.
■ We may hold information in an email while we conclude any correspondence arising from the email.
■ We may hold your name and email address as a contact for information about an event or venue while you wish to be a contact for such details.

Any data continuing to be held will be subject to an annual review.

Who we share personal data with

■ We do not normally share personal data.
■ We do not operate a mailing list.

Lawful basis for processing personal data

■ We will process personal data lawfully and with regard to the various rights of the data subject in processing that data.
■ We aim to process all personal data on the basis that the individual has given clear consent for the data to be processed for specific purposes.
■ Situations may occasionally arise when it is necessary to process personal data on the basis of legitimate interest or because of legal obligation.

Personal data on the website

The display of personal data is not the primary intention of this website and our emphasis is very much on places rather than people.

There are exceptional cases where information publicly shown on the website might be deemed to be personal data:
■ Some names, usually those of prominent public figures (eg. MPs, mayors, musical performers or professional sports players), may occassionally occur within pages, but solely in the context of journalistic or historic reporting of the public events in which those persons are involved.
■ Some locations in the website may be in the personal ownership of individuals (eg. stately homes). Details about these will not be specifically published without consent or without legitimate interest occuring when the owner of such property publishes material indicating openness of the property to the public. In these cases data will be restricted to that which is publicly available.
■ Occasionally the website will show content published on social media websites. This content is a window on those social media websites which are controlled by the privacy policies of the websites concerned. However, to avoid any confusion, we have adopted a practice of selecting any content shown through our website so as not to include personal data.

Revision of this policy

The website is constantly evolving and it may be necessary to amend this policy from time to time to keep you informed of any revisions in the way we collect and use personal data. The new policy will be published here whenever it is revised.

Data contact is a small organisation not required to designate a Data Protection Officer, but all data protection requests will be dealt with if you email

This revision: May 23, 2018

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