How good is your Yorkshire train travel? August 13, 2018

Grand Central had Britain's joint highest score for overall journey satisfactionNeed to know how well your train operator is doing?

We've updated our Rail travel page to show Yorkshire train operators' performance, for Spring 2018, from the latest National Rail Passenger Survey from Transport Focus.

Figures show a general decline in satisfaction from the previous surveys in Spring 2017 and Autumn 2017, but all but one of our Yorkshire train operators are still performing above the national average for overall journey satisfaction. Sadly, Northern, the one with below-average journey satisfaction, operates the majority of the region's trains.

Grand Central had the joint highest score in the country at 95% for overall journey satisfaction, despite a massive drop to just 56% for satisfaction with how the company deals with delays.

Five companies operating in Yorkshire had very close and above-average scores for overall journey satisfaction. East Midlands Trains, Hull Trains and Virgin Trains East Coast (replaced by LNER since the survey) all achieved 87% and Cross Country and TransPennine Express 86%.

Northern was below-average with its 80% overall satisfaction score, with previous progress on satisfaction over delays wiped out and an increasing lack of satisfaction over stations.

TransPennine Express came very close to being the only company in our region with a clean sheet of improvements and no areas of decline, but unfortunately it also slipped on station satisfaction, by just 1% on the Autumn figure.

The survey took place before major timetable changes were introduced in May, but it will be Autumn before the next survey reveals the operators where most impact was made.

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