Local elections 2024 May 2, 2024

Counts have taken place on Friday and Saturday after many of the local elections which took place on Thursday May 2, including Mayoral, Police and Crime Commissioner and council elections.

Voters have elected the Labour candidate David Skaith as the first mayor for the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority — the largest authority area in the country. The massive region extends across eight parliamentary constituencies, six of them held by Conservatives, including the Richmond constituency of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Two metropolitan district councils were lost by Labour to no overall control — Kirklees in West Yorkshire and neighbouring Oldham in Greater Manchester, half of which is from the historic West Riding of Yorkshire. In both areas Independents or other parties picked up seats at Labour’s expense.

Counts for mayoral elections took place on Saturday. They saw Oliver Coppard re-elected as mayor of South Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin re-elected as mayor of West Yorkshire and Andy Burnham re-elected as mayor of Greater Manchester, all standing as Labour and Co-operative candidates.

All parts of Yorkshire had some kind of election taking place. Many areas had more than one election. See our table for results.

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