Major changes for West Yorkshire buses from 2027
March 14, 2024

Franchised bus services will be run by Metro from 2027In West Yorkshire, major changes to bus services are planned from 2027 after a decision on Thursday March 14 by West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin.

The decision will put buses under West Yorkshire Combined Authority control through a franchise system where the authority sets routes, frequencies, fares and standards. The mayor's decision follows a three-month public consultation.

Franchising will be introduced in phases with the first franchised buses in parts of Leeds, Kirklees and Wakefield districts in March 2027. Until then, the authority will be continuing its Bus Service Improvement Plan which has achieved some improvements with the county's many private operators and the introduction of £2 Mayor’s Fares across all services in West Yorkshire.

Further details can be found at this  West Yorkshire Combined Authority webpage.


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