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Leeds metropolitan district is one of five very large metropolitan authorities which make up West Yorkshire and is in the north-east corner of the county.

As well as the city of Leeds, the metropolitan district, created in 1974, is a 213 square mile region including many surrounding towns and villages.

Continuing city expansion has seen Leeds merge itself into some of its nearest neighbours, but there are still many distinct towns and villages within the Leeds district with extensive agricultural areas, particularly to the north-east of the city.

The district population of over 795,000 is about one-third of the total for West Yorkshire and about 13% of the population of the whole of Yorkshire.

Places in the Leeds metropolitan district are:

 Allerton Bywater
 Barwick in Elmet
 Boston Spa
 Bramley Leeds district
 Carlton Leeds district
 Cottingley Leeds district
 East Ardsley
 East Keswick
 East Rigton
 Hawksworth Leeds district (near Guiseley)
 Hawksworth Leeds district (near Kirkstall)

 Linton West Yorkshire
 Lofthouse West Yorkshire
 Middleton Leeds district
 Pool in Wharfedale
 Robin Hood
 Scholes Leeds district
 Thorp Arch
 Thorpe on the Hill
 West Ardsley

We continue to add more villages to our A to Y gazetteer and the above may not yet list all places in Leeds district.
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